Products I love

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In many of my articles I reference different products. These are products that I love and use. This is a series of short reviews of each of the products that I might reference in my articles as I know when I read something I think: I might like to look into that product, but then forget what article it was in or forget why I am looking it up. This is a short list and overview of the products I reference in my posts and use because I love them.

Wellness Habits is about changing habits that encompass mind-body-spirit. The topics I cover within Mind are Finances and Minimalism, within Body are Kettlebells and Healthy Eating and within Spirit are Meditation and Habits. These three areas are pillars of health.



Top books:

  1. Minimalism Live a Meaningful Life This is a great overview on the different areas of life and how to reduce the clutter in each of these areas.
  2. All that Remains This was the first book I read by The Minimalists after listening to their podcasts. I do have to say, this is a great memoir of the how and the why of minimalism.
  3. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a good book on the ‘how to’ reduce the stuff in one’s life. If it doesn’t “spark Joy”, it should go. It dramatically helped me get rid of a ton of clothes. I still need to work on other rooms, but it does have me asking that question when I bring things into my life: does this ‘spark joy’?





The type and brand of kettlebells does make a difference. If you plan to swing bells a lot the shape of the handle is important as well as the quality of the handle. Buying a kettlebell should be a one time thing so quality can be very important.

Hardstyle kettlebells

I highly recommend the RKC brand kettlebells. When I was training for my RKC in 2010, I bought a set of these kettlebells and have been very impressed with the quality of them. I’ve swung a lot of other kettlebells that are more of the hardstyle and have not been as impressed with the handle quality or the quality of the bell.

Sport Kettlebells/ Girevoy Sport Kettlebells (GS)

GS kettlebells or sport style kettlebells are all the same size and shape. The one caveat I have found is that not all sport bells will have the diameter of handle that is required for some competitions (35mm). The issue is that if you train with a thinner handle and then compete with a thicker handle, your grip is going to get worn out faster. The gym I train at uses Kettlebell Kings as their workhorse. The drawback to these bells is that they have a lacquer on the handles that are much better if they are removed first. This can be done with a paint remover. Simple but kind of annoying.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating comes down to two things: planning out your meals and executing your plan. I couldn’t do this without my crockpot. I love my programmable crockpot. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend it. My only comment is that you will have to play with all the recipes you try because 9 times out of 10, the recipe will overcook your meat. That’s my only main complaint. Otherwise, what is better than set it and forget it. This is healthy cooking for lazy people, like me.



This book completely changed my mindset on how to think about habits and how to change them and get people to see things differently if there was resistance. Switch: How to Make Change When Change Is Hard. If you are having trouble making permanent change or trying to get other people to agree to the direction of new change that is happening, but they don’t seem to be on board, this is a fantastic book.


Self Mastery

The book: Success Principles changed my life in terms of thinking about what I want out of life. I went through this book with a Life Coach at one of my previous jobs and it really helped bring clarity to what are the things in my life that I love to do and work on how to get my life better aligned with those passions.