Did you say WHY Joanna?

I have 4 college degrees and very motivated single mother of teen boys.  I still could not find the time or the precise knowledge to lose those extra pounds that you get due to work, kids, older parent, and the world around me.  My habits and exercising were even great but the weight would not show it.

So, I signed up with an intelligent Ph. D., certified kettlebell instructor, and certified nutritional coach, all in one, called Dr. Joanna.  She is fantastic.  She did a comprehensive look at my daily habits and she was able to get rid of my extra pound (after menopausal age!) in two months, going down one dress size, which was exactly my goal.  I have kept that off for the past two years.  She taught me how look at my food intake, portion size, and practical approach to daily family and friends parties and great eating habits; maneuvering to my right weight and healthy life choices.  All of this with a smile and practical wise advise fitting my daily life.  She is incredible.  Wishing you the best on your journey!



Joanna is AMAZING for any level!

I recently started taking a weekly Kettlebell class with Joanna that she offers here at our work. When I started, I knew absolutely nothing about how to effectively and safely use Kettlebells (although I do regularly train for strength with weights). I started with a one-off class to teach how to swing the bells and I was hooked!

Joanna’s teaching style is very friendly. She has a mix of experienced and inexperienced participants in the weekly class and she does an outstanding job of balancing both. Her class has a fast-paced style so it is an excellent strength-building and cardio workout for me. I look forward to my class every week!

In addition, Joanna is very willing to help



Great instructor

On a recent trip  I spent some time with Joanna perfecting my swing and clean technique. She did a fantastic job making small changes and that made a dramatic difference in my training.


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Joanna is a great instructor!

I’ve been to 4 classes so far with Joanna and she has been extremely helpful in getting me up to speed with the rest of the class. She’s pays a lot of attention to your form (swing, turkish get up, etc.) which helps you get the most out of your workout and so that you don’t injure yourself. She’s also very friendly!!


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